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Make Dinosaurs from Chicken Bones
Two Books Detail Unique Model-Making Projects

Learn how to use standard household tools and materials to turn four boiled-and-dried chicken carcasses into amazingly accurate skeletons of a ferocious T-Rex or a long-necked Brontosaurus.

Make Dinosaur from Chicken Bones books

Make Your Own Dinosaur Out of Chicken Bones
Chris McGowan, illustrated by Julian Mulock, 144 pages, softcover, HarperPerennial Books. Zoologist, paleontologist and author of seven books on dinosaurs, Chris McGowan has created a fascinating "how-to" book that instructs older children and adults how to use the boiled, cleaned and dried bones of supermarket chickens to craft a highly-detailed skeleton of an Apatosaurus -- the dinosaur more popularly known as a Brontosaurus. This is a book of serious model-making that involves the use of razor knives, wire cutters, an electric drill, bleach and other materials not suitable for young children. McGowan takes clever advantage of the fact that modern birds -- like chickens -- are descended from dinosaurs and have skeletons with anatomical features surprisingly similar to those of dinosaurs. Using tools and techniques which are well explained and detailed in precise line drawings, he instructs readers how to carve, rearrange and assemble the bone parts required to make authentic-looking miniature dinosaur models. $10.40.. Click here or title above to order.

T-REX TO GO: Build Your Own from Chicken Bones
Chris McGowan, illustrated by Julian Mulock, 195 pages, softcover, HarperPerennial Books. In his first "chicken bones" dinosaur-making book, paleontologist and author Chris McGowan told readers how to build a Brontosaurus. Now, in his second book of the series, he provides detailed instructions for building a miniature T-Rex from boiled, cleaned and dried chicken bones. Aimed at older children and adults, this richly detailed and illustrated book provides step-by-step instructions about how to use household tools and materials to construct a chicken-sized skeleton of one of the most ferocious predators of all time. Like the first volume, this book also serves as an in-depth lesson in dinosaur anatomy as well as model-making. $11.20.. Click here or title above to order.

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