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Xmas sign Dining room
HADDONFIELD, N.J. ( Nov. 25, 1998) -- The Indian King Tavern Museum will host its annual Christmas Music Festival on Saturday, Dec. 5, from 1 to 4 p.m. Just as last year (above, right and below), the Haddonfield Garden Club will decorate the main rooms of the colonial facility in decorations of the sort used in eighteenth century taverns. Admission is free.

Xmas spinner Harp
Throughout the afternoon, musicians including the Mountain Strings Dulcimer Band, Tapestry Dulcimer Band, Celtic folk harpist, Bridget Higher, trumpeteer Bradley Mattson, and the Colonial Consort Singers will perform in various rooms of the building.

In addition, spinner Sue Reeves and artist Debra Colis will participate in the entertainment programs.

While the music festival lasts one day, the greenery and trimmings will remain in place through Saturday, Dec. 26 making visits throughout the holiday season a special experience. For additional information, call 609-429-6792.

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