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Fiddles, Celtic Dance, Holiday Splendor

Brad Mattson Keep
HADDONFIELD, N.J. (Dec. 11, 1999) -- Brilliantly crisp Saturday weather helped draw an enthusiastic crowd to the Indian King Tavern's 5th annual Music of Christmas festival. "It was the best weather we've had in five years," said Brad Mattson (above, left), the organizer of the event. Period decorations created by the Haddonfield Garden Club added an air of splendor to rooms such as the "Keep" (above, right).

Fiddle Dance
Throughout the tavern, which celebrates its 250th anniversary in the year 2000, walls resounded with the sounds of holiday music played on folk instruments. Jody Dennison of Mt. Laurel (above left), was the fiddler with the Sugar Sand Ramblers, a New Jersey Pinelands band that kept toes tapping in the second floor Assembly Room. On the front steps outside, visitors were greeted by the musicians and dancers of the Celtic group, Gaoth Agus Rithim (above, right).

Choir Band
Aside from decorating, the Garden Club also created the faux foods that allowed the dining rooms to be set in a manner similar to what would have been seen during holidays in the Colonial era (above, left). Bridget Highet of Voorhees, played the Irish Harp in one of the dining rooms (above, right).

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