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As a video producer, Hoag Levins is often a one-man operation. He reports the stories, writes the scripts, manages the on-screen talent, operates the studio lights and cameras, processes the digital files, edits the program, acquires the b-roll, and creates the graphics and music tracks. He also does all the HTML, graphics and server work required to stream the videos from sites like Brightcove, YouTube and iTunes. Below are a dozen of his recently produced programs.
Social Media Strategy Increases Tampon Sales
Coldwell Banker CMO Explains 'Founders" Ad Strategy
Kelly Clarkson Photoshop Flap Continues at NBCU
WPP's Martin Sorrel's Strategy for Expansion in China
Kodak CMO's Daunting Challenge and Entertaining Style
Vespa USA CEO on Sales Slump as Marketing Efforts Scooter On
MasterCard's Priceless Discovery: Apps Really Work
Wired Magazine Editor Chris Anderson on "Freemium" Content
Benjamin Moore's iPhone App Public Relations Coup
Seeking New Ad Concepts for Movie Theater Lobbies
Marketing Western Union Into a World Financial Power
DuPont's Social Media Campaign Goes Up in Flames
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