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Margate's Wonderfully Eccentric Landmark

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Lucy Elephant is a much a part of southern New Jersey shore folklore as seagulls, ocean breezes or surfboards. Above right, a family enters the leg stairwell to tour the inside of the 90-ton landmark.
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For a brief period, Lucy's toenails (above, left) went psychedelic in color but recently, they've returned to a standard black and white (above, right). Each is as large as a livingroom chair.
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The most fearsome part of Lucy is her set of tusks (above, left), which are as long as a Volkswagen. They are fabricated from concentric sleeves of soldered tin (above, right)
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Perhaps the least known part of Lucy is her tongue -- you have to search behind her trunk to find it (above, left). The six-story pachyderm building is constructed from 90 tons of wood and soldered tin (above, right).
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Lucy's most curious part is her strategically positioned tail window that produces many a vistor chuckle. The windows, however, do play a crucial role in helping to light her interior space.
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Lucy's mammoth head looks down on Lucy's Beach Grille (above, left), a restaurant surrounded by multi-level wooden patios and picnic tables. The Margate City public beach begins directly in front of the Grille (above, right).

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