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Shades of Norman Rockwell:
Parades, Fairs, Street Shows

Haddonfield's 4th of July parade has large crowds (left) and its antique car show (right) draws participants from many states.

Street Festivals
Haddonfield has long been famed for its love of pageantry and large-scale community events. Each Fourth of July, the town hosts the suburban region's largest parade, with as many as 10,000 people lining a mile of downtown curbsides. In the fall, hundreds of vintage vehicles converge from around the East Coast for the annual antique auto show that transforms the business district into something resembling a stage set for a Bonnie & Clyde movie.

Gourmet restaurants and frequent "sidewalk sale" days.

Musical Performances and Antique Shows
Free musical performances are also standard fare throughout the year. At Christmas time, carolers in Dickensian garb stoll the evening streets. Throughout the warmer months there are weekly open-air performances by groups ranging from symphony orchestras to a Hobo Band. Regular arts and craft fairs, ethnic food festivals and antique shows invest the town with a constant air of colorful activity and entertainment.

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