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Colonial Reenactor Sings at Indian King

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Haddonfield Business and Professional Association Directory 2000

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Village-Like Historic District of
Restaurants and Shops

Quaint shops, botiques and sidewalk cafes.

Shops and Cafes
Haddonfield's downtown is a place for leisurely wandering -- a district of small shops (above, left) featuring everything from hand-crafted wall hangings and crystal vases to grandfather clocks and the finest cheeses. In the summer months, the sidewalks in front of many of the restaurants are transformed into outdoor cafes (above, right).

Gourmet restaurants and frequent "sidewalk sale" days.

Cozy Restaurants & Eclectic Antiques
Starbucks, a landmark at the central intersection of Haddonfield, is just one of six gourmet coffee shops in a town where restaurants abound. Within two blocks of the famed Indian King Tavern museum, visitors can find cozy Italian restaurants like Remi's (below, left), along with a wide array of other restaurants offering specialties from Chinese/Vietnamese and pizzas to fresh-baked bagels and health foods. Many of Haddonfield's streets, originally laid out as the lanes of a colonial village two centuries ago, are dotted with eclectic shops offering antiques, collectibles, plants and those unexpected finds that make a day's shopping worth while.

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