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Historic Houses of Haddonfield
A Museum of American Architecture

Three centuries of historic houses.

Subject of a Coffee-Table Book
Haddonfield evolved over three centuries as the mercantile hub of its area and boasts an unusual number of historically significant -- and often physically magnificent -- homes. This collection of architecture is grandly documented in the 1991 coffee-table art book, Haddonfield Historic Homes, by historic preservationist Joan L. Aiken and local photographer Jim Cooper. (The photos on this Web site are not from that book.) One of the finest buildings is Greenfield Hall, an 1841 Georgian mansion (above, left) that now houses the Haddonfield Historical Society. Marching past in review is the Haddonfield High School band in uniforms of the colonial era. Next to city hall is the home of Civil War-era physician Napoleon Bonaparte Jennings, (above, right). Rich in "gingerbread" trim, it dates to 1857.

Frontier huts and elegant mansions.

From Frontier Huts to Victorian Splendor
The oldest residence in Haddonfield is the Hip Roof House which dates to the early 1700s (above, left). Now surrounded by an ornate, nineteenth-century wrought iron fence, the structure was built at a time when early settlers and local Leni Lenape Indians lived together in a wilderness area east of William Penn's colony on the Delaware River. In the nineteenth century, much of what is now Haddonfield was a vast farm operated by the Redman family, whose Victorian mansion has a widow's walk and other features suggestive of the houses erected by the whaling captains of New England (above, right).

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