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Haddonfield's Museums and Public Buildings Get All Dolled Up

Haddonfield Doll display 2a Haddonfield Doll display 2b
Although its main rooms are restored to recreate the atmosphere of an eighteenth-century tavern, the three-story Indian King Tavern had one upstairs room filled with antique dolls. Tavern museum manager Bill Mason and a docent in period garb (above, left) talk with some of Haddonfield's last Doll Day visitors. The extensive collection (above, right) was assembled earlier this century after the 250-year-old tavern became New Jersey's first state historic site.

Haddonfield Historic Society spokesperson Haddonfield Historic Society guide
The popularity of Doll Days did not surprise Patricia Lennon (above, left), immediate past president of the Historical Society of Haddonfield. A "Doll Days" host at the society's Greenfield Hall headquarters, Lennon explained that doll collecting is America's second most prevalant hobby. Haddonfield High School senior Jacqueline Carrick (above, right) pointed out features of one of the more than 600 antique dolls in the society's collection.

Haddonfield Library doll days guide Haddonfield Muffy Vanderbear greeter
High school junior Holly Reighn (above, left) was on hand at the Haddonfield Library to explain that institution's various dolls and doll-related resources. Outside the Doll Shop on Kings Highway, Muffy the Vanderbear directed visitors to the shop's extensive inventory of dolls and related products. Sadly, the town no longer hosts an annual Doll Day event.

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