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Mothers, Daughters, Dolls & Delights

Doll tea party 1 Doll tea party 2
Scheduled to coincide with the now-defunct Doll Day weekend, the annual "Dolly & Me for Tea" party was a female-only event sponsored by the Haddonfield Presbyterian Church Preschool. Real-life Raggedy Anns greeted party goers (above, left) who were invited to feast from delicacy-laden tables (above, right). The event used to raise money for a regional children's literacy campaign.

Doll tea party 3 Doll tea party 4
Tea and the etiquette of its preparation and consumption were celebrated by participants who also got to show off their costume finery as well as their favorite dolls (above, left). The crowd included, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers and granddaughters. Exotic tea pots and accoutrements (above, right) decorated Fellowship Hall in the downstairs of the Presbyterian Church.

Doll tea party 5 Doll tea party 6
Tea party servers were provided by the local Girl Scout Troop: left to right, Erica Jacovini, Justine Justinechew, Ann Leone, Lindsy Ray and Julia Moon. The afternoon of one of the last Doll Days also included piano recitals, puppet shows and question and answer sessions with a doll expert from the Haddonfield Historical Society.

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